Updating a Mountain House Rental
Updating a Mountain House Rental

If you’ve ever watched an episode of the Netflix series ‘Stay Here’, you’ve heard the basics of designing and marketing a short term rental property. Because this home was based in the mountains of Virginia, we only had four days to transform it into a marketable rental property from a cozy family vacation home. Armed only with paint and a healthy dose of creative thinking, here’s what we did:

Living Room

Main Living Area Before – The large open plan living room was dated and awkwardly laid out.
Living Room After – By rearranging the furniture and removing the curtains, we were able to bring in more natural light and an open flow to the space. We also updated the walls to a warm grey, including whitewashing the fireplace.


Enclosed Sunroom Before – Too much large furniture in distracted from the views and cluttered the entrance.
Sunroom After – Reducing the table to a breakfast nook and changing up the furniture opened up the area and put the spotlight on the panoramic windows.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Before – The clunky furniture, personal photographs, and country style decorations needed updating.
Master Bedroom After – By painting a dresser from another room and updating the bed linens and wall hangings, this became a more neutral, welcoming space.

Guest Bedroom 1

Guest Bedroom Before – Far too many personal photographs and a dated colour scheme distracted from the king size bed and nice space of this room.
Guest Bedroom After – Now the focus is on the window and the peaceful, evocative imagery of writing while looking at nature.

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom Before – The master bathroom needs a full update, but we were able to ‘fake it’ with a few important changes.
Master Bathroom After – We removed the awkward shelf and the dated border and re-painted to give a cleaner look.

Guest Bedroom 2

Guest Bedroom Before – This room reflected the family’s love of Lord of the Rings, but was a little too intense for the average guest!
Guest Bedroom After – Positioning the desk under the window and clearing out some of the furniture really opened up a bright, welcoming guest room.

Garage/Billiards Room

Garage/Billiards Room Before – The garage was a fun blast of colours, but this didn’t photograph well or create a relaxing environment
Billiards Room After – Clearing out some of the furniture and calming the colours made for a more useful and inviting space.

The overall goal was to increase the appeal of this home for renters, while also improving the space for the owners to enjoy when they visit the home themselves. The combination of practical and aesthetically inviting changes made for very happy home owners.