Gingerbread House Case Study

At Barxonomy, we’re all about helping the design and building process go as smoothly and peacefully as possible for homeowners. 
But as the holiday season approaches, our thoughts turned to a different kind of homeowners – gingerbread people.

Image by Luke O’Donovan

Mr. Breadman came to us because he wanted to create a home for his family with three distinct sections – one for him and his love of gardening, one for his wife who restores bicycles and needed a bright, open space for her workshop, and one for his son who is a keen horticulturist and needed somewhere to show off his prized chocolate tree.

I didn’t know where to start or who to talk to first to help me make my dream a reality! My friend the Muffin Man told me about Barxonomy and it was the perfect way for me to learn what I needed to know.

Mr. Breadman

Our budget tool helped Mr Breadman get a rough idea of the costs, and then he worked with us to create a broad design of what space would work best for his family. 

Initial Design Sketch

I was so happy with what they came up with – it was like they were inside my head! (which is hard to do since it’s mostly gingerbread…) They even used my favourite colour, orange, on the door for my part of the house.

Mr. Breadman

Mr Breadman wanted to do some of the work himself, and also hired a builder who specialises in Gingerbread construction. He used Barxonomy to help make sure the process was as smooth as possible. Our goal is always to make sure our clients have the tools they need to be prepared for the inevitable ups and downs of a home building project.

There were hiccups – like any building project. The glass living wall we designed came with a huge patch of icing sugar in the middle and we had to send it back and have it re-made. But because Mr Breadman was on top of everything with our help, it wasn’t nearly as disastrous as it could have been.

I’m so happy with my house, it looks good enough to eat!
– Mr Breadman

See Barxonomy’s house along with many fantastical creations by London’s top architectural firms at the Gingerbread City by the Museum of Arcitecture at Somerset House.