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Graham and Green
What they sell: Home Accessories (Kitchenware/Soft Furnishings/etc), Furniture (Dining tables/Chairs/Beds/Shelves), Mirrors, Lighting, Rugs  What their style is: Eclectic mix, everything from glam to industrial What they value: Family owned business for over 40 years, pride themselves on traveling and staying on top of trends and what is important - including having a
Rockett St George
What they sell: Furniture (living/dining/bathroom/bedroom/outdoor/office), Lighting, Accessories, Rugs, Flooring, Decor (wallpaper, paint, tiles) What their style is: Eclectic, Rock 'n' roll What they value: Unique, bold, quirky and inspirational decoration  What their price range is: ££  
Rose and Grey
What they sell: Made to order Sofas, Furniture (tables/seating/storage), Home Accessories (Rugs/Wallpaper/Art/Kitchenware/etc), Lighting, Mirrors What their style is: Scandinavian with added colour and personality What they value:  Sourcing the next must-have pieces and showcasing them in innovative ways