7 Independent Shops Where You Can Find A Great Sofa

Shopping for a sofa can be overwhelming, and often the instinct is to just go with a big brand name and be done with it. But there are so many interesting, independent options available! So if you’re looking for something a little bit special, a little bit different, or if you just like the idea of supporting smaller businesses, have a look at some of our favourites below.

1. Rockett St. George

There are just 14 sofas on offer currently at Rockett St George, but they all are oozing with personality, like this retro 50s orange beauty. Their eclectic, rock ‘n’ roll style infers the selection of sofas, and if that style works in your home then the careful curation they’ve already done gives you a head start in finding the perfect sofa. Prices from £1,450 to £3,750.

Rockett St. George Sofas

2. Rose and Grey

Rose and Grey have managed to find a luxurious looking sofa bed, in addition to their stock of more Scandinavian and modern furniture and home furnishings. Prices from £995 to £3,350.

Rose and Grey Sofas

3. Really Well Made

You will find examples of iconic Scandinavian styles throughout Really Well Made’s selection, along with quirky new designs like this sofa that celebrates some of the current trends of curved and fabric that hints at sheep’s wool. Prices from £850 to £5,100.

Really Well Made Sofas

4. Graham and Green

Speaking of trendy curves, this is a fabulous example of a 1940’s style Italian design that is very much in vogue. There are many other styles represented in Graham and Green’s selection of sofas though, from coastal to outdoor mid-century to modern classics. Prices from £1,500 to £3,500.

Graham and Green Sofas

5. Houseology

If you’re looking to make a statement with your sofa, Houseology has several show-stopping options available, like this luxe art deco version. Their selection is the widest on our list, both in price (£710-£14,000) and in quantity (246).

Houseology Sofas

6. Pamono

In addition to a wide range of styles, materials, and colours of sofas, Pamono offers a selection of vintage furniture, including restored sofas like this classic 1920’s velvet one. Prices are hugely varied depending on age, rarity, and style – anything from a few hundred pounds to multiple tens of thousands.

Pamono Sofas

7. Visual Roars Interiors

Visual Roars is another carefully curated selection of sofas, featuring modern luxe velvets and curves. Prices from £500-£3,100.

Visual Roars Sofas